Here it is: our last update of 2013 – a year that saw the introduction of the NextRadio product to the marketplace and witnessed an extraordinary collaboration of industries to make it happen. Though our work is never done, we’ll pause to say “Cheers!” and leave you with this short update before we nestle our heads ever-so-briefly into holiday mode.

By The Numbers

  • Over 95,000 app downloads
  • Over 5,700 FM radio stations tuned to from the app
  • Over 53,000 hours of listening through NextRadio
  • A 4.3/5.0 Google Play Store user rating

What a Way to End the Year!

pogieWell, you may have heard… THE NEXTRADIO APP JUST WON A POGIE! We made the venerable David Pogue’s list of “the most amazing, incredible, deliriously exciting tech ideas of 2013.” What makes this award really special, besides the fact that it’s coming from a very well respected columnist and getting our name in front of his gajillions of readers, is that it’s an acknowledgement from outside of our industry that broadcast radio is actively participating in its own evolution. When others read his Pogie list, it may give them pause to see an FM radio innovation making the roster, but it’s where we need to be, and where we’re glad to be.

“…Music that consumes no data, with only one-third the battery drain: That’s a really big deal,” Pogue says in his write-up. We think so too!

CES Preview

CESIf you’re going to be at CES in January, please visit us at iBiquity’s booth #8232 in Central Hall to get a demo of NextRadio on the smartphone. We’ll also be showing an in-car demonstration of an auto companion app that visualizes over-the-air FM and HD Radio™ in the car dashboard and includes all the features of NextRadio.

TagStation President, Paul Brenner and Mark Yarkosky, the Director of Product Development at Sprint will also be presenting to the NAB Radio Technology Committee at CES to give an update on the NextRadio rollout and discuss milestones.

Moving Forward

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with an important continuation of the FAQ theme we started earlier in the month. It doesn’t take a crystal ball or wishful thinking to know that 2014 will be an exciting year for radio, and we’re hoping you’ll join us with a renewed sense of go-get-it-ism to refresh our presence with long-time listeners and resonate with new ones.

Again, happy holidays from our team to you. Thanks for your continued support. And until our next post, kick back, relax, open up the NextRadio app and enjoy some sounds of the season.

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