TagStation | Dial Report Data EcosystemHow It Works

Radio station playout systems that are connected to TagStation cloud-based services can sync compelling visual content to their broadcasts. The content is delivered by the NextRadio app to listeners’ phones and other integrated players. NextRadio app data sources Dial Report analytics and insights.


Radio station play out systems are directly connected to TagStation, our cloud-based data system, for delivery of accurate play out content including commercial spots.

Common Source

TagStation’s reporting SDK allows any radio streaming player to contribute audience and listening data to Dial Report. Content APIs can be used to display TagStation managed content on any integrated player.


In a partnership with NAB Labs, TagStation developed the NextRadio hybrid radio smartphone app that combines the devices’ built-in FM tuner and the internet. An additional streaming option allows for broadcast radio to be mobile on every carrier and every phone in the US, Latin America and Canada.

Dial Report

The first near real-time measurement of radio listening, Dial Report provides broadcasters with station and campaign performance and audience information that they can use to unlock opportunity across the organization.

Connected Car – Coming 2018

In-car radio listening will also be captured as we work with automakers to source radio listener and location data from the connected car.