Indianapolis, IN. – September 8, 2016. NextRadio continues international expansion adding Peru and Mexico as the latest countries to offer NextRadio, joining the United States and Canada. This expansion is a natural next step due to the heavy usage of FM radio in Latin America and the rapid growth in smartphone sales.

Partnering with the Ambassadors Office in Peru, NextRadio hosted a promotional event on August 10, officially announcing the launch of NextRadio in Peru. The event included 75 guests from all major broadcasters, large advertising agencies and dignitaries from Peru.

“The Peruvian Radio Committee is pleased to support the NextRadio expansion. Radio is an important part of the culture and is a respected institution in Peru. The more opportunities we can provide our listeners to hear their favorite stations or be able to get an emergency alert if needed is a value to all – listeners, advertisers and broadcasters,” said Abraham Zavala Chocano, Radio Committee President Peru.

The NextRadio app went live in Mexico’s Google Play store on August 31. Grupo Radio Centro, the largest broadcaster in Mexico, and many other broadcasters have already signed up, which immediately provides new listeners with a rich in-app experience.

“We are pleased to continue our expansion into Latin America. Starting in Peru and Mexico was an easy decision since radio consumption is so high and we had overwhelming support from the Peruvian Radio Committee and GRC in Mexico. Our long term vision is to expand into Colombia and Brazil and continue to round out covering all of Latin America”, said Paul Brenner, President TagStation LLC, the power behind NextRadio.

The NextRadio app lets you experience FM radio on your smartphone in a brand new way. Listeners get a real-time view of what’s playing on-air and interact live with favorite local radio stations while using 75% less battery and 92% less data compared to streaming radio apps. Real FM radio is now in your smartphone so you can listen wherever you go.