Media Contacts:
Maura Kautsky
VP, Marketing for NextRadio
Ashley Chapman
Director, Global PR for Aloft Hotels

Interactive radio campaign delivers a 23.8% impression conversion

 Indianapolis, IN – July 21, 2016 –NextRadio®, the smartphone app that provides free, portable FM radio recently executed a pilot interactive radio campaign with Aloft Hotels, Starwood’s innovative hotel brand for today’s hyper-connected global traveler. Aloft delivers a tech-forward experience that’s ahead of the curve for its global guests, which made it the perfect hotel brand to test NextRadio.

A key metric of the NextRadio and Aloft Hotels pilot campaign is its impressive conversion rate of 23.8%. This means that approximately one-quarter of the campaign’s unique listeners* converted to unique viewers** by interacting with a digital companion ad on the smartphone app. These viewers were able to use the mobile companion smartphone ad to book a hotel room, look for a nearby Aloft location or call for a reservation.

The Aloft pilot interactive radio advertising also delivered:

  • Advanced click conversion rates: 2.1% click conversion rate (versus industry standard of 0.06%)
  • Resonance with multicultural audiences and women:
    • 7% of Aloft campaign listeners were African-American
    • 17% were Hispanic
    • 53% of were female
    • Top Genre connection was with hip-hop music listeners

“Aloft and NextRadio both seek to deliver authentic experiences to consumers who love music and technology,” said Ashley Hinchman, Director, Aloft Hotels. “In this campaign, we were able to attribute interactive data to our radio buy, which has the ability to inform our future efforts. We look forward to continuing to leverage NextRadio, as it provides a unique opportunity to enhance our FM radio media plans even more.”

“The campaign resulted in valuable metrics that go beyond reach and frequency, into details such as impression conversion, click conversions and demographic data,” said Paul Brenner, President,  Tagstation, LLC. “These ROI-centric metrics will help advertisers like Aloft Hotels realize the true power and effectiveness of radio.”

The Aloft Hotels NextRadio Pilot Campaign occurred April 4-30, 2016. It included 68 stations in the following states: Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, D.C.

* Unique Listeners are defined as the number of unique NextRadio smartphones with at least one :30 listening session in the selected timeframe

** Unique Viewers are defined as the number of unique NextRadio smartphones that generated an impression for the campaign

About Aloft Hotels

With more than 100 hotels now open in 16 countries around the world, Starwood’s Aloft brand delivers a fresh approach to the traditional staid hotel landscape. For the ‘always on’ next generation of traveler, the Aloft brand offers a tech-forward, vibrant experience and a modern style that is different by design. For more information, please visit Aloft, like all brands within Starwood’s portfolio, is proud to offer the Starwood Preferred Guest® program, the industry’s richest loyalty program. To learn more, please visit