Indianapolis, IN. – April 18, 2016 – NextRadio is joining with the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) to introduce its new PRSS MetaPub Platform to integrate enhanced visual features and information from public radio programming into NextRadio.

This integration will allow public radio stations that air national shows to automatically set up the feed directly into NextRadio. The result is a particular program or story enhanced with visual images along with other descriptors such as the title of the show, the topic at hand, the host, or other elements.

The PRSS created the MetaPub platform for the public radio market to enhance national and local public radio programming with new capabilities for displaying images, text and promotional materials. The benefit for stations and producers is increased revenue potential and listener engagement as well as the ability to collect listener data via NextRadio app tracking.

The first shows to start serving data to public radio listeners include:App with Talk Radio Images

• Morning Edition (NPR)
• All Things Considered (NPR)
• Classical 24 (APM)
• Weekend Edition Saturday (NPR)
• Weekend Edition Sunday (NPR)
• Weekend All Things Considered (NPR)

NPR, American Public Media, and Public Radio International have been active participants in the development of MetaPub from the beginning, and each is currently playing, or will play, a vital role in supplying the metadata elements that will feed into MetaPub and then out to public radio stations and their listeners through NextRadio.

“We are so pleased to be bringing news/talk/music radio to life in the NextRadio app. News/Talk grew by 275% in tune-ins in the last year, making it one of the fastest growing genres listened to through NextRadio. By offering this feature to consumers, it will allow the station to provide a richer listening, and now viewing, experience,” said Paul Brenner, President of NextRadio.

“MetaPub’s dynamic system of integrating enhanced metadata into broadcast content is a logical next step to ensure public radio listeners have the best possible experience with their favorite shows,” said Michael Beach, Vice President of NPR Distribution, which manages the PRSS. “We are looking forward to working with NextRadio to ensure that not only do listeners have a better product, but they have more ways to enjoy it, thanks to NextRadio’s FM smartphone app.”

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