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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (August 24, 2017) – The new Dial ReportTM is the first radio data management platform to accumulate and measure over 250 demographic, behavioral and listening data points in near real-time. This allows brands and ad agencies to draw actionable insights about FM radio audiences, understand attribution and prove ROI. Traditionally, radio had not ventured far beyond basic demographic information about its audiences. The Dial Report changes everything.

The Dial Report collects first-party radio station advertising data and smartphone user data, including listener location, brick and mortar traffic, exposure, listening/listener engagement, audience behaviors and much more. It displays intelligence metrics in a dynamic dashboard that can be used to quickly identify top radio formats, days, dayparts, stations, markets and trends. Unlike other tools which offer insights estimated from time delayed, small samples, the Dial Report provides insights from the continuously collected data on all listeners from a variety of sources, including TagStation’s NextRadio smartphone app.

A unique tool for advertisers and agencies, the Dial Report allows them to understand and target radio audiences by age, gender, ethnicity, education, income, purchase intent and more. The platform’s deep-dive behavioral data assists in smarter targeting for future radio buys. Brands can search and segment listeners using up to six attributes at once, identifying hyper-specific audiences for campaigns with unmatched precision.

“We’re excited to offer brands unprecedented insight into radio listener behavior and campaign performance with our new Dial Report platform,” says Paul Brenner, President of TagStation. “Contrary to perception, radio is alive and well, and continues to prove itself as a profitable and effective marketing medium. We’re proud to develop a solution that reveals fresh intelligence to help brands optimize the medium’s potential and defend the ROI of radio.”

The new Dial Report offers the option to look at actual or projected radio data attribution for campaign insights and intelligence, with the goal of driving brands and ad agencies to radio as a premiere medium. TagStation’s Dial Report platform is currently supporting major national campaigns for large brands in the home improvement, retail, telecommunications and other industries.

About Dial ReportTM, powered by TagStation®

TagStation, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emmis Communications Corporation. TagStation’s cloud service provides radio station data to the NextRadio® App and the Dial Report dashboard. The Dial Report provides the first measurement of radio performance and ROI. Brands and agencies get powerful insights about radio advertising exposure, audience demographic profiles, listener interactions and their location-based behaviors. Dial Report planning tools enable advertisers to target radio buys with confidence. For more information about the Dial Report visit

Media Contact:

5W Public Relations for NextRadio