Tagstation Stream Service Request

This form is for radio station management to add or update station streaming information for the NexRadio app.

Account Information
Station Streaming Information

Provide call signs, station type for each station and HD multicast and Stream URL that you’d like included in the NextRadio app.

  • The “stream URL” should be a direct URL to your station stream. Usually it is not an URL for your website or for your player widget. (Example: http://1.ice1.firststreaming.com:8000/wyxz_fm.aac)
  • If the Triton Digital is your streaming provider please provide a Triton stream mount value. (Example: WYXZFMACC)
  • If your station has multiple streaming option, please provide an URL with the best stream quality like one with AAC audio coding and with the highest bit rate.

Call signs

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