National advertisers rely on TagStation to measure radio consumption and performance

TagStation is the power behind the NextRadio app, which reveals radio usage and audience listening data. Some categories and results from advertising campaigns that included a digital NextRadio visual companion ad synced with on-air spots:

23.8% impression conversion
41% of 25-44 year olds engaged with a visual ad

Adding a digital companion ad increased campaign’s exposure by 91%
Top-performing Spanish markets were Houston & Chicago

Home Improvement:
86% of in-store customers visited this retailer exclusively during campaign timeframe
62% of the overall NextRadio listening audience was exposed to the campaign

60% of the NextRadio audience heard and/or saw an ad that aired on a participating station
Hip-Hop listeners engaged with the ad nearly 2x as often as Rock listeners

Music + Entertainment:
43.3% of NextRadio listeners viewed the ad on their mobile phones
Campaign’s 2.4% click conversion rate was 40x higher than digital averages