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Introducing data services for
enhanced radio broadcasting.
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The Battle for the Dashboard is here… NOW.

Over the last year, Emmis has been working with NAB Labs, Intel and iBiquity on developing the next generation standard for hybrid radio — a standard that supports FM analog, the current HD Radio product, and future HD Radio platforms. TagStation’s Hybrid Radio Data Services are at the heart of this effort.

TagStation provides broadcasters with an easy-to-use, standardized, and cost-effective way to deliver the kind of Artist Experience® and Ad Experience today’s consumers expect, whether it’s in the dashboard or on a smartphone. The enhanced capability supports an industry-leading hybrid radio smartphone app initiative: NextRadio.

A few of TagStation’s features

The In-Dash Artist Experience

The In-Dash
Artist Experience

Make your broadcast data shine on the car dashboards of today and HD Radio devices of tomorrow with clean artist names, song titles, and accurate artwork.

The In-Dash Ad Experience

The In-Dash
Ad Experience

Manage ad artwork and messaging to supplement your existing over-the-air advertising. We also make it easy to include extra PSD information like a phone number.

View Song Details

Song Details

We make it easy for you to ensure your songs are matched to the right album with a simple rollover display of album details like artwork and release date.

Accurate Song Matching

Song Matching

Manage the automatic matches we create between your incoming songs and the Gracenote song library with an advanced search that returns quick, accurate results.

Custom Album Art

Album Art

Broadcasting B-sides or in-studio tracks that don’t have a match in Gracenote? Customize any songs with uploaded album art or your own artist info.

Easy Song Library Import

Easy Song
Library Import

Upload your entire song library at once, incrementally, or simply manage songs as they’re broadcast. Export accuracy reports and set up email notifications.

Create Schedule


Create and manage a programming schedule complete with imagery and interactions to accompany your broadcast and better connect with your listeners.

Preview Enhancements


A touch-of-a-button emulator allows you preview how your enhanced programming will display in enabled devices.

Manage Interactions


Choose from a variety of interactive touchpoints to enhance programming events including call, visit website, find nearby, get coupon, save to calendar and more.