Interactivity rate for NextRadio artist ad campaign 100x greater than industry norm

Indianapolis, IN September 22, 2015. Over the past several months, NextRadio has been conducting beta tests on select radio stations to gauge the interactivity response rate within the app. “The results have been incredible for an album promotion campaign, showing an average 6.65% interactivity rate – far exceeding key norm benchmarks for digital ads,” said Paul Brenner, President NextRadio.

NextRadio tested how interactive a listener was with what was playing and what they were seeing on the NextRadio app screen. The interactivity being measured consisted of tracking what NextRadio buttons the listener tapped on: buy link on artwork screen, buy song, dislike, like, share and save. The data was broken down further, uncovering a norm purchase intent response rate of 4% across the artists.

The four-week test was designed to promote “pre-order” (two weeks) and “buy now” (two weeks) functionality. It was spread out nationally on select radio stations and included country and hip hop artists. Here are the results from one of the artist’s test:

Interactivity Chart

“Listeners are engaging, they are excited about it and they are coming back. This is a milestone for radio to be able to track what listeners can hear, see and interact with on NextRadio. It is a great measurement story for radio and proves it delivers results. Advertisers and broadcasters can now offer metrics showing results immediately after a campaign has been aired on local radio. This is the future of interactive radio,” Brenner added.