Indianapolis, IN. – May 24, 2016 – According to data from NextRadio®, the smartphone app that provides free mobile FM radio listening, consumers prefer a more visually appealing and interactive in-app experience. A year-over-year data analysis shows that listeners tune-in more often and spend significantly more time with radio stations that supplement live FM audio broadcasts with enhanced content.

An analysis comparing NextRadio usage in 2015 to 2016, found that radio stations creating enhanced in-app experiences – such as program schedules, social media interactions, contest entries or other visuals – experienced 3X the growth in tune-ins when compared to those stations that only displayed a station logo or nothing at all. Tune-ins refers to the number of times a unique listener listens to a FM radio station broadcast through the NextRadio mobile app.

Stations with enhanced content also saw 1.6X the growth in time spent listening when compared to non-enhanced stations. Time spent listening refers to the number of minutes a unique NextRadio user listens during a single NextRadio mobile app session.NR Press Phones

“Stations that leverage the enhanced content options available in NextRadio enjoy a measureable competitive advantage – they are
growing audiences and connecting with their listeners in a fresh and personal way,” said Paul Brenner, President, NextRadio. “Advertisers have much to gain, too, as enhanced content provides endless possibilities to deliver value for consumers – from coupons to find a store nearby to in-store offers—all with quantifiable results tied in to data attribution reporting.”

The enhanced content within the NextRadio app can take on many forms and continues to be enriched with new features.

Radio Smartphone Simulcasts Using Enhanced Visual Content
Experience Greater Audience Gains
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SOURCE: NextRadio Listener Data, 2015-2015 of 6 million+ listening hours, compared January 2015-April 2015 vs. January 2016-April 2016.

NextRadio by the Numbers
As of May 2016, there are 7.1 million NextRadio app downloads; 12,715 stations that tune through NextRadio and consumers have spent almost 16 million hours tuning in their favorite local FM radio within the NextRadio mobile platform.

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