Tracking Where Radio Sellers Can Find The Big Holiday Spenders

Key takeaways:
  • Spanish station listeners will spend more
  • Weekend listeners will spend more
  • Illinois listeners will be the big spenders
  • NextRadio aggregate data aligns with major retail study

It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but we’re already overwhelmed with Black Friday advertising. As we approach the big holiday shopping season there’s only one question on our minds: Where’s the opportunity for radio?
So a few weeks ago, we asked our NextRadio listeners: Do you intend to spend more or less this holiday season? Possible responses included: More, Less, Same.
Among our listeners, 31% indicated they plan to spend “More,” while a significantly larger percentage, 41%, indicated they plan to spend “Less.”
Knowing that a large proportion of consumers plan to be more conscious of  their holiday spending, radio sellers might want to take some notes on new ways to help local retailers appeal to the people who do plan to spend.

Who Plans to Make The Holidays Merry? Who Says Bah-Humbug?

Michigan Avenue should be smiling because Illinois delivered the highest percentage of radio listeners (41%) who claim they’re feeling generous.
Looking more deeply into the data, we found that Spanish music listeners leaned heavily toward spending “More” – with 43% saying that was their plan. Less enthusiastic about gifting generously were Rock, R&B and News/Info/Talk listeners who had the highest percentage of people reporting “Less” at 45%, 44% and 44%, respectively.

Results by format

Results by format

Weekend listeners say they’ll live it up this holiday season

Radio listeners who took a moment to answer our question after 7 pm on weekends were most likely to say they’ll spend more (41%). That could be the wine talking though, as it’s 10 percentage points above the overall “More” survey response average.
The work-week seemed to bring people back down to earth. Only 22% of listeners who answered the question during Morning Drive say they’re up for spending more. And those listeners toiling late into the night on weekdays could very well be feeling over-extended, as 75% say they’ll spend less or the same.

Results by daypart

Results by daypart
Sunday brought the highest percentage of people who say they’ll spend more at 36%. Saturday was right behind with 34% replying “More.” But the good vibes dropped off by Monday, when just 31% agreed to a bigger shopping spend.
On Wednesday, people may already be looking to Friday’s paycheck. Hump-day proved to be the most cost-conscious of all when “Less” (41%) and “Same” (35%) answers were factored in. Only 24% of people who responded on Wednesday said they’ll spend more this season.
Tuesday showed the highest percentage overall of people who intend to spend less on the holidays at 47%. It happened to be Election Day (November 8), but Tuesday still garnered the second highest number of survey participants – second only to Wednesday.

Results by day of week

Results by day of week

Numbers align with other bellwether shopper survey

Overall, 31% of NextRadio listeners say they’ll spend more, 28% say they’ll spend the same and 41% say they’ll spend less.
Our survey results align with those of a National Retail Federation (NRF) article which concluded: “many U.S. consumers say they will have a more conservative holiday spending budget this year.” Conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics October 4-11, 2016, the NRF survey reported that consumers plan to spend $935.58 this holiday season, down $17 from 2015 which averaged $952.58. (Where the 58 cents comes from may be baffling to us, but who are we to argue?)
 The NextRadio in-app survey received more than 70,000 total views in 7 days. Participation rate was 3.4% with a total participation base of 1,125. The survey was conducted Nov 8-14, 2016.