Introducing the Dial Report™: Robust data is radio's game-changer

If you work in media or advertising, you’re well aware that 91% of the U.S. population listens to radio every week. So nobody questions our medium’s efficiency for brands that desire national or local reach. Radio has been a little behind the curve, however, in delivering actionable performance analytics that today’s marketers demand. Until now. Meet the Dial Report™.

TagStation’s Dial Report – A Digital Measurement of Analog Radio Usage

Finally, radio can measure and show campaign performance analytics rivaling those of digital. When people listen on the NextRadio® app, we’re able to uncover exactly who’s listening, how much, what they’re listening to – and where they’re going. This information feeds the Dial Report to give brands detailed location-based data, demographics and listening data mid- and post-campaign.


Dashboard view of TagStation’s Dial Report. The tool breaks down digital measurement of analog radio usage for agencies participating in enhanced NextRadio ad campaign sales.

Created for Agencies and Brands Hungry For Insights

The Dial Report is the most advanced radio campaign measurement tool every imagined. It lets agencies show their clients data and insights on everything from exposure to interactions to store traffic. Planning becomes more informed, because agencies can drill down into MSAs and/or device activity to uncover views, heards and listener proximity.
We premiered the Dial Report at a recent webinar. More than 200 executives from Madison Avenue and leading national advertisers participated. Demand is strong but, for now, data sharing is very limited. Only those agencies and brands that actively participate in enhanced NextRadio app campaign ad sales can access the Dial Report.

More Robust Data Benefits Radio Business

The challenge of dollars flowing from radio to digital media is nothing new. And it isn’t going away any time soon. But data analytics tools like the Dial Report will be game-changing. They help radio tell its story.  Like you, those of us at TagStation have always known that radio listeners are overwhelmingly loyal – to the shows they love and to the advertisers who sponsor the programming. Now we have the data to prove it.