Understanding the
TagStation Ecosystem

How TagStation works. From playout and automation to cloud processing, distribution, and beyond… Discover the journey your metadata takes on its way out to your listeners.


Raw Data

Through a secure connection, TagStation ingests information from your station’s local playout system as songs, spots, and promos air in real-time. This metadata includes things like artist name and song title for music, advertiser name, and spot duration for commercials. TagStation enjoys support from over 20 automation systems for easy integration.


Content Management

Once connected, use TagStation to manage the images and text associated with your brand, music, programs, personalities, and commercials. Once this enhanced content is created, it can be delivered to any number of platforms and receiving devices, in-sync with your broadcast audio.


Content Distribution

Operational efficiency is important, which is why TagStation and its API allow you to centrally manage content in one system and distribute it everywhere it’s needed: out to aggregator apps like Radio.com and NextRadio, HD Radio, RDS, station apps, streaming players, and website widgets.


Attribution & Analytics

Now playing metadata is the key that unlocks future value for radio. By utilizing TagStation, you put your station in a position to benefit from upcoming attribution platforms aimed at providing tools that prove radio’s effectiveness.